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Wiping An iPhone With And Without An Apple ID In The Age of Big Data

January 09, 2019 / Diana Hope

Big data has come with a big cost. It has compromised our privacy in a lot of ways. John Weathington of Tech Republic wrote about this topic a couple years ago in his articleBig Data Privacy is a Bigger Issue than We Think. Weathington raised some very valid concerns about the problems big data has created. Unfortunately, many brands have done a terrible job ensuring user privacy is protected. Apple is one of the companies that has claimed to be a strong advocate of privacy when it comes to big data. Recent reports show that isn’t the case. In the age of big data, they put privacy last. This means that people that are worried about their privacy in the era of big data are considering deleting all the data from their iPhones. However, that may not be possible if they forgot their Apple ID. Concerned About Privacy As Apple Uses Big Data to Track You? Learn How to Delete Your Data Without Your Apple ID.