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HHS: Data Access, Analytics Are Essential for Patient-Centered Car

January 10, 2019 / Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are making progress towards a more interoperable data ecosystem, but patients, providers, and payers are still facing data access, integration, and analytics challenges that are holding back the promise of patient-centered care, says HHS. In its annual report to Congress on the state of the health IT environment, HHS stressed the central importance of data for informing decision-making across the care continuum and highlighted several key pain points that will need to be addressed before the industry can overcome some of its fundamental challenges. “Access to data” is HHS’s new watchword, the report explained, due to the critical role digital information now plays in the modern healthcare environment. By 2015, certified health IT tools were present in 96 percent of non-federal acute care hospitals and 78 percent of physician offices, HHS notes, meaning that most patients have an electronic record in one form or another.