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Reltio leads the way at Modern Data Management summit

January 10, 2019 / Efe Otokiti

San Francisco will be playing host to some of the world's most influential companies in master data management, big data analytics and data science at this year's Modern Data Management Summit taking place at the Grand Hyatt hotel on February 26–27, 2019. Senior-level executives and hands-on practitioners will be delivering presentations on a number of topics such as the many challenges around digital transformation, the current state of master data management and the how to best respond to the business-driven expansion of global data management platforms. Some of the brands in attendance include Reltio, Johnson&Johnson, Target, Warner Bros and PayPal, to name a few. "In a world of digital transformation, reliable data is the foundation of every business. Organizations must rapidly transform, connect and relate data to surface up relevant insights to drive and democratize decision-making," said Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research. "Customers seek ne...