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Salesforce Updates Commerce Cloud With AI-Powered Recommendations

January 14, 2019 / David Needle

Looking to make a splash at the big National Retail Federation conference in New York City on Jan. 14, Salesforce previewed a major update to its Commerce Cloud platform set for general availability in the first half of this year. A beta version of the service is now available. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform includes APIs, platform services and developer tools that give companies the ability to embed “intelligent commerce experiences” in every aspect of the shopping experience. “Our platform lets you go from clicks to code with easy-to-use templates so you can do things like give your commerce app Alexa skills [i.e., voice recognition integration with Amazon’s popular intelligent assistant],” Mike Micucci, CEO of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, told eWEEK. One early customer, fashion retailer Perry Ellis, has already taken advantage of the voice features. "With Salesforce, Perry Ellis launched the 'Ask Perry Ellis' Skill, a voice-activated ...