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DriveScale Says Composable Is the Answer to Data-Intensive Compute

January 15, 2019 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

DriveScale’s founders wanted to solve the problem of infrastructure over-provisioning when they started their company. But the technology wasn’t called composable infrastructure back then. “That was before 2013, and they were looking at the changing data center applications and workloads being created in the hyperscale clouds,” said Denise Shiffman, chief product officer at DriveScale. These were workloads like Hadoop, Casandra, and Spark, and they behaved differently than traditional data center workloads like Oracle and SAP. “These applications were much more dynamic and the demands for latency were very high, while the history had been running predictable applications in the data center,” she said. In addition to performance problems, data-intensive workloads also lead to server sprawl. Companies can’t predict how much storage and compute capacity they need. So they over-buy. “Many customers we talk to are really only using about 20 pe...