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Poor I/O Performance Could Degrade Healthcare Big Data Analytics

January 30, 2019 / Fred Donovan

Poor input-output (I/O) performance could have a negative effect on healthcare big data analytics, warned Condusiv Technologies CEO James D’Arezzo. SQL databases in particular are a factor in poor I/O performance. SQL databases generate the most storage I/O traffic. Nearly one-third of the IT pros responsible for I/O performance said that they are currently experiencing complaints due to sluggish applications running on SQL, according to Condusiv’s 2019 I/O Performance Survey, which polled 906 IT professionals. “I/O performance in SQL is a problem for CIOs and IT heads across the entire economy,” said D'Arezzo. Half of the IT pros responsible for I/O performance said they currently have applications that are tough to support from a systems performance standpoint. These applications include electronic health records (EHRs). Three-fourths of respondents said they are investing in hardware to provide additional capacity and improve I/O performance. They have pu...