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February 09, 2019 / Priya Dialani

Alexa was filed as a patent by four Amazon engineers on August 31, 2012, an artificial intelligence framework intended to draw in with one of the world’s biggest and most tangled data sets – human speech. The developers required only 11 words and a basic graph to depict how it would function. A male user in a tranquil room says: “Please play ‘Let It Be,’ by the Beatles.” A little tabletop machine answers: “No issue, John,” and starts playing the requested tune. From that reasonable start, voice-based AI for the home has turned into a major business for Amazon and, progressively, a key battleground with its technology rivals. Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are each putting a large number of analysts and business experts to work endeavoring to make overpowering renditions of easy-to-use gadgets that we can talk with. For Amazon, what began as a platform for a superior jukebox has moved toward becoming something greater: an artificial...