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MarkLogic Enhances Data Hub with Embedded Machine Learning for Smarter Data Integration

May 15, 2019 / A.R. Guess

According to a new press release, “MarkLogic Corporation, the next generation data platform provider for simplifying data integration, today announced Embedded Machine Learning and other features in the latest versions of the enterprise-grade MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0 and the MarkLogic 10 multi-model database. The enhancements make MarkLogic’s full stack offering an unparalleled enterprise solution for integrating, curating, securing, analyzing and acting on business-critical data as MarkLogic pushes the limits of modern data integration. The MarkLogic Data Hub, running in the cloud or on-premises, sits on top of the MarkLogic multi-model database, a NoSQL data platform that offers agility and scalability, without sacrificing the security and data consistency that enterprises require.” The release continues, “With new features and capabilities, Data Hub 5.0 becomes: (1) Smarter: Artificial intelligence underpins many of Data Hub 5.0’s key capabilities, and Em...