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5 Hands-On Tools On Becoming An Expert At Data Analyst

January 10, 2020 / Dhanya Pramod

Data analysis is emerging as one of the most preferred and top professions in India and across the world.  A report highlights that India has witnessed a 45% jump in analytics job openings in 2018 as compared to its previous year. There are around 97,000 job openings in data analytics and science careers currently. Given that the Indian analytics market is expected to register 26% CAGR growth become USD 16 billion market by 2025 and the global market is projected to grow at 29.7% to reach USD 40.6 billion market by 2023, the demand for data analysts will surge significantly.Today, there is hardly any sector or industry which has been left untouched by big data, artificial learning, machine learning and other sophisticated technologies. Sectors such as BFSI, telecommunication, energy, power, retail, e-commerce, pharma and healthcare, etc are generating big data in voluminous amounts. They need specialists who can dig into this data and generate useful information and insightful pat...