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Ambarella Collaborates With AWS And Enables AI On Connected Cameras Using Amazon SageMaker Neo

January 08, 2020 / NA

Ambarella, Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) vision silicon company, announced that Ambarella and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) customers can now use Amazon SageMaker Neo to train machine learning (ML) models once and run them on any device equipped with an Ambarella CVflow-powered AI vision system on chip (SoC). Until now, developers had to manually optimize ML models for devices based on Ambarella AI vision SoCs. This step could add considerable delays and errors to the application development process. Ambarella and AWS collaborated to simplify the process by integrating the Ambarella toolchain with the Amazon SageMaker Neo cloud service. Now, developers can simply bring their trained models to Amazon SageMaker Neo and automatically optimize the model for Ambarella CVflow-powered SoCs.