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At the Crossroads of Compromise: The Problem of Data Security

November 22, 2018 / insidebigdata

As society becomes increasingly digitized and businesses ramp up both the utilization and production of digital data that is ferried across the world through the internet, the protection of data – chiefly defined as information in a digital format – has become a paramount task. Seeing as huge portions of the 21st Century economy run on this modern gold with the uneasy acceptance of the consumer public, it is imperative that data security evolves to the degree necessary to sustain economic growth by assuaging the fears of the modern consumer and strengthening the credibility of digital operations by making them immune, or as close to immune as possible, to external coercion or breach. If the necessary augmentation in data security does not materialize, then the shaky compromise between consumers and companies underpinning our current economy will be at existential threat.