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Big Rewards Await Pharma Companies with Big Data in the Cloud

January 21, 2019 / ClearDATA

The plummeting costs and rising availability of genetic testing, coupled with the ubiquity of digital clinical data, are creating promising new opportunities for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to develop innovative drugs and breakthrough precision therapies. The amount of genomic data available for research doubles in size every eight months, says Eric Banks, Senior Director of the Data Sciences and Data Engineering (DSDE) group at the Broad Institute, a collaboration between Harvard and MIT. “It’s a level of growth that for years has far exceeded Moore’s law,” he observed.  “That’s a good thing because the world is full of really hard, medically relevant scientific problems that we can solve only with petabytes of data.”Since 2009, the Broad Institute has generated more than 70 petabytes of genomic data from 100,000 genomes – a dataset equal to 1.2 billion hours of streaming music files.