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Building a Winning Data Science Team

August 15, 2018 / insidebigdata

Data is becoming an increasingly mission-critical asset for organizations. How you collect it, move it, clean it, and analyze it can have a real and lasting impact on the bottom line. Organizations are under pressure to be faster, more strategic, and more cost-effective than the competition. As companies continue to walk down the data-driven decision-making path, many are realizing that one data expert is not enough. It’s too complex and too much for one individual to handle. Driving data is core to TrueMotion. We get driving data by capturing smartphone sensor data and refining it with machine learning algorithms. We use driving data to help insurance carriers improve pricing, lower claims costs, and increase customer loyalty. Driving data also helps people understand and reduce distracted driving. From the beginning, we knew our business would fail without the right data science team. Today, our team has 15 data scientists strong. We’ve learned some important lessons alon...