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Cloudera Sets Agenda for Next Era Cloud Data Analytics

September 13, 2019 / Jessica Davis

It may seem like the story of Hadoop hit a dramatic climax this year as big data workloads went to public cloud giants like AWS and one of the original purveyors of the open source big data technology stack, MapR, narrowly averted shutting down when HPE acquired it.But the real story is one of gradual evolution. Hadoop started out as a technology stack for managing big data, but in the years since the term "Hadoop" faded as the hot tech buzzword, it has become something more a movement toward a modern architecture for managing and analyzing data,said Arun Murthy, chief product officer at Cloudera, and former CPO and a co-founder for Hortonworks, in a post on Medium this week titled Hadoop is Dead. Long live Hadoop. Thats what Cloudera, one of the original three Hadoop distribution companies, and the only remaining one (Hortonworks and Cloudera announced their plans to merge a year ago), has envisioned as it has created its stack of technology aimed at enterprise customers. It...