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Collaboration, Clinical Input Drive Analytics Innovation at UCHealth

February 04, 2019 / Jennifer Bresnick

As the healthcare industry comes to grips with the scale of disruption it will be facing over the next few years, a handful of forward-thinking organizations are aiming to lead the change instead of being swept along in its wake. UCHealth, a non-profit network of ten acute care hospitals serving patients throughout Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska, is among those taking a proactive stance towards adopting data-driven analytics strategies to improve the quality of clinical care and the patient experience. At the CARE Innovation Center, founder Dr. Richard Zane is developing innovative partnerships with clinicians, developers, and early-stage companies to solve for some of healthcare’s thorniest problems. “We’re fairly certain that if we identify a pain point in healthcare, we’re not the only ones who are experiencing it,” said Zane, who is the Chief Innovation Officer at UCHealth and a practicing emergency medicine physician. “And we al...