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Data Analytics & A Sound Battery Management System Are The Future Of Electric Vehicles

September 10, 2019 / NA

The key to the safe, reliable and efficient functioning of lithium-ion battery packs is the battery management system (BMS). Known as the brain of the battery, it is an essential component of all low and high voltage lithium-ion battery packs. An electronic supervisory system, the BMS manages the battery pack and is responsible for measuring cell voltages, ensuring balanced charge cycles, state identification, and controlling crucial safety systems. It is essentially responsible for safeguarding the batteries from damage. Leading EV battery manufacturers are offering customized and smart battery solutions that provide extensive system diagnostics such as accurate cell voltage, state of charge, temperature monitoring, cell balancing, real-time with the help of IoT and data analytics. This enables battery pack manufacturers, OEMs and electric mobility fleet operators to leverage smart hardware and data science to derive health insights, constantly monitor and improve the life and perform...