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Data Analytics Remain Top Business Initiative for Retail and Finance to Mitigate New Digital Normal

June 26, 2020 / PR Newswire

LogZilla, the provider of network event orchestration solutions, today released the results from its 2020 Log Tool Management Study of enterprise networking challenges, specific to data-driven projects. The Study reflects that IT teams are rapidly deploying new services and offerings based on data analysis, with a majority citing security and compliance as a top priority.  While a key findings revealed that 88% of future IoT project challenges are stalled due to costs related to server storage and licensing fee models, more notable was that 67% of respondents cited they experience greater than one-minute delays in their 'real-time' logging tools' feature, which could expose security threats and gaps.

"Our Study identifies a path forward for IT as they embrace their new digital normal to propel themselves ahead of their competitors and become leaders armed with the right tools to deploy against future data-driven projects," said Clayton Dukes, C...