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Data analytics usage may get boost with proposed changes to Copyright Act

January 19, 2019 / Wendy Wong

Proposed changes to the Copyright Act could give industries involved in data analytics a leg up and make it easier to create and build on innovations, industry players told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Jan 18). The Law Ministry on Thursday released a report outlining proposed changes to the Act after a three-year review and public consultations. Among the proposed changes: A new exception to allow users to copy lawfully accessed data for data analysis. Data analytics companies mine and analyse data to create business solutions and tailor customer experiences.  The data they use come from sources ranging from users’ browsing and buying behaviour online to conversations with peers and companies over social media. But users or companies who copy data for analysis could risk infringing copyright, as this typically requires large-scale copying of works which may be protected by copyright.  For example, a user may have a subscription to a publication which allows access for re...