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Data democratization spurs more secure data-governance frameworks

June 04, 2019 / DIEGO ASTURIAS

Vast amounts of data are being created every day, spurring an economy entrusting data as an asset arguably more valuable than crude oil. This explosion of big data quickly started the trend for data democratization, to make data packets easier to share with the help of specialized software. The downside is that every opportunity to share data is also a chance for a data breach, and legislative bodies around the world are pushing for better governance over data assets. For contemporary enterprises, it’s time to tune up data-governance frameworks to enlist consumer confidence.“You can’t democratize data without giving the consumers of that data an understanding of the quality of that data, the trustworthiness of that data, the relevance of the data to the business,” said Jitesh Ghai (pictured), senior vice president and general manager of data quality, security and governance at Informatica LLC. “You give them that, and now you’re enabling your analyti...