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Datical Announces Issuance of Patent for Database Change Management Simulator

May 31, 2019 / A.R. Guess

According to a new press release, “Datical, the leading provider of database release automation solutions, today announced the issuance of United States Patent number 10,268,709 for its Database Change Management Simulator. The patented technology proactively forecasts and determines the impact of database schema and stored procedure changes before they are deployed. With Datical’s ability to intelligently analyze pending changes, software teams know how their database changes will affect application performance and security in advance, without actually making changes to the database. Datical’s Database Change Management Simulation involves three phases that help ensure database changes adhere to corporate standards  pre-simulation, simulation and post-simulation.” The release goes on, “Enterprises recognize the vital role of application software in driving the customer experience. Delivering new innovation to delight customers is important, and time ...