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Developing data science skills for Australia’s mining industries

September 04, 2019 / Teresa Umali

The Australian government has announced that the University of Sydney will receive almost AU$ 4 million in Australian Research Council (ARC) funding for the development of data science skills for the mining industry.According to a recent press release, research activity will be focused on data analytics related to the long-term impact of resource use on Australias economy, society and environment. Led by the Centre for Translational Data Science Director, researchers will help develop the necessary data science skills for Australia’s resource industries to make the best possible evidence-based decisions when using the natural resources.As an asset-rich nation, Australia continues to play a leading role in delivering the world’s essential resources.However, investing in transformative technologies and collaborative research is important to maintain that position.New approaches to data analysis will allow for an improved understanding of how the resource sector can mitigate r...