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Dive into Data Science and Machine Learning with this $35 Course Bundle

August 23, 2019 / NA

From speech recognition to self-driving cars, most cutting-edge technology relies on big data and intelligent software. For obvious reasons, recruiters are on the lookout for people with knowledge in these areas. If you would like to build a career in this exciting niche, the Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle provides the ideal starting point. This collection of eight courses helps you master some of the key tools used by data science pros, and its now just $35 at the XDA Developers Depot.Over the next few years, machine learning will allow our devices to become smarter than ever. With vast amounts of data to study, software will be able to handle the tasks that only humans could complete previously.
This bundle helps you get ahead of the curve with 48 hours of hands-on training. Through video tutorials, you discover how to develop smart apps with TensorFlow, R and Python. Along the way, you will learn about data analysis and statistics, machine l...