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Ericsson reveals vision for next-gen cellular IoT solutions

February 04, 2019 / IoT Tech News

Ericsson is empowering service providers across multiple industries to address a larger part of the IoT market with the help of its newly introduced next-generation cellular solutions. These solutions will help proliferation of the cellular IoT evolution in what Ericsson sees as four market segments: broadband IoT, industrial automation IoT, massive IoT, and critical IoT. Among those, industrial automation IoT and broadband IoT are two segments that are new; the former will allow advanced industrial automation applications with the most demanding connectivity requirements, whereas the latter adopts mobile broadband capabilities for IoT and supports higher data rates and lower latencies than massive IoT. In accordance with its vision, Ericsson is launching enhanced functionalities for massive IoT and new solutions for Broadband IoT. The 100km extension of NB-IoT cell range is one example of massive IoT enhancement, which results from stretching the standards-based limit from about 40km ...