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FDA Sets Goals for Big Data, Clinical Trials, Artificial Intelligence

September 04, 2018 / Jessica Kent

The FDA is turning to cost-effective strategies and big data to accelerate clinical trial efficiency, medical product development, and innovations in artificial intelligence, according to a recent blog post from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD. “Our longstanding goal for medical care is to ensure that the right drug or device is delivered to the right patient at the right time. This vision is increasingly possible with the innovative products that are becoming available,” he wrote. “These new technologies offer transformative opportunities. But they also challenge the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to modernize its approach to evaluating new innovations.” The FDA is looking to enhance innovation in areas that currently lack regulatory standards, including the field of artificial intelligence (AI). “AI holds enormous promise for the future of medicine. We’re actively developing a new regulatory framework to promote innovation in this space ...