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Five ways AI will change the recruitment process

January 30, 2019 / Rick Delgado

Data and AI are not only helping companies to compete but also infiltrating every part of our lives. One area that AI has already made a definitive business impact is in talent acquisition. AI can help automate tasks for recruiters and provide them with insights they have never thought of. According to Korn Ferry Global Survey of 770 acquisition talent professionals, 63% of the respondents mentioned that AI has changed their ways of recruitment while 69% believed that AI has enabled them to find more qualified candidates. A later survey by LinkedIn on Global Recruiting Trends highlighted AI as one of the four most important recruiting trends in 2018, particularly useful in sourcing, screening, and nurturing candidates. As more data is becoming available, the use of AI in recruiting will only increase. Here are four fascinating use cases of AI which will make recruitment a more effective process for your business.