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Getting the Edge with Data About Data

September 06, 2019 / Joe McKendrick

Theres a lot of data moving across IoT networks to the point where identifying and locating data of material importance may slow thing down. Metadata data about data  is the keys to the data kingdom, especially when it comes to indexing and identifying unstructured data. Just as data can overwhelm enterprise functions, metadata can slow things down even further.
A new proposal, presented at the recent IEEE Edge Computing conference,
offers a way to tackle the issue of terabytes of metadata being assigned within many application domains what they call efficient and scalable metadata,a term that wouldn’t have been even necessary in the pre-edge, batch era.The researchers, Bing Zhang of the University of Illinois and Tevfik Kosar of the University at Buffalo, put forth a solution that moves metadata across IoT networks in a faster and more efficient manner. They also devised a way to cache and predict metadata access across the network, which potentially could red...