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GoodData Announces Capabilities to Improve Data Storytelling, Boost Data Literacy

February 19, 2021 / Ankur Saini

GoodData, a main worldwide investigation organization, today declared new stage capabilities intended to improve data storytelling and data literacy.

As indicated by Dataversity research, just 24 percent of the worldwide labor force is sure about their capacity to devour, dissect, and influence data. Be that as it may, the account encompassing data literacy today misses the essence of the issue: organizations need the capacity to tell a client driven, available story with data. We'll never see data literacy improve at scale across associations until those conveying the data are prepared to do as such in a manner that is effectively deciphered and utilized by the data purchasers.

“When it comes to increasing data literacy, the onus has to shift from those tasked with interpreting the data to those presenting the data. Low data literacy isn’t a user error, it’s a storytelling failure,” said GoodData founding CEO Roman Stanek. “To scale data literacy and drive data-driven decision making, the expectation must be on the data provider to deliver a customer-centric, designed experience. That’s easier said than done for a lot of companies today, which is why GoodData’s platform and new capabilities are built to help organizations succeed in delivering consumable data via cohesive, accessible data storytelling.”

GoodData’s embeddable dashboarding and visualization capabilities — as well as the GoodData.UI component library for interactive, analytical UI development — allow for customizable data storytelling. New and enhanced data storytelling capabilities include:

• Enhanced Dashboard Interactivity: End users can utilize comprehensive drilling features to drill to both insights and dashboards, as well as leverage advanced dashboard exporting, sharing, and scheduling capabilities.
• Intuitive Visualization: Customers can easily compare actual results versus progress on goals via responsive bullet charts and drill deeper into data with customizable geographic visualization.
• Advanced Filtering: GoodData customers can easily filter and narrow insights by measurement, tie two or more filters together, or rank results to quickly view only the most important values.

About GoodData 

GoodData is the only platform that provides the creation, delivery, and automated management of analytics at massive scale. We enable companies to embed analytics within their products to deliver insights for their customers, partners, and other users to make business-critical decisions.