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Growing Data Privacy Concerns Highlight A Need For VPNs In 2019

January 09, 2019 / Sean Mallon

Welcome to 2019! As we kick off the new year, we have discovered that many people are expressing greater concerns about data privacy than ever. The proliferation of big data has helped accelerate this trend. Pew Research has tracked polls on data privacy over time. Last year, they conducted a big data and privacy poll that found only around half of all respondents trust either governments or corporations to handle their data properly. Trust in them has fallen further over the last couple of months. As big data becomes more widely available, the number of people that are concerned about their privacy is expected to surge. This has driven demand for VPNs and other top data privacy tools. Can VPNs Address Privacy Concerns As Big Data Becomes More Widely Used? A growing body of research shows that VPNs are effective for protecting data privacy, as this ZDNet post points out. However, knowing how to choose the right VPN is important. Some of the older ones weren’t designed for the age...