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How Can Data Science Improve UX Design?

January 01, 2019 / insideBIGDATA

Web design has already changed a great deal, primarily with the development of UX design. And now, as data science advances into the niche, we can expect it to change even more. As teams seek to hit that fine note which will make a website or app ideally user-centric, pairing UX designers and researchers with data analysts could eliminate plenty of guesswork and fine-tune both the creative process and its outcome. Here is how data science can help bring UX design to a whole new level. Finding what resonates with the target audience. If you’re designing a completely new product – something beyond an existing category in the current market – you could be led by the approach that the users don’t know what they want. You could say that you’ll take it upon yourself to show them what it is that they want through sublime design. That’s if you had in mind something that wasn’t on the table already…and if you’re especially keen on emulating...