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How Data Analytics is Transforming the Real Estate Industry

April 01, 2020 / JAMIE RICHARDSON

The rise of modern data analytics has had a transformative impact on many industries, and real estate is no different in this respect.
Understanding the changes that have been brought about by cutting edge number-crunching tech can help give you insights into the fresh opportunities that have arisen in this arena, so here is a look at the effect data analytics have had from a real estate perspective.Real estate is still considered a solid investment option, especially in an age when landlords are being given more opportunities to monetize the property they acquire through services like Airbnb. As well as tapping into the long term rental market, an entire industry has sprouted up around app-based vacation property rental, along with the promise of even bigger ROIs for investors.Of course there are still lots of variables to take into account here, which is where data analytics come into play. You can use tools like Mashvisor for Airbnb data analysis to determine whether or not a...