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How Dutch Railways uses big data to keep schedules on track

January 13, 2020 / NA

Transporting one million commuters each day, 92 percent of Dutch Railways Nederlandse Spoorwegen’s (NS) trains arrive on time, making it the third-most punctual rail service in the world, behind Switzerland and Japan. While certain delays are unavoidable results of severe weather or obstructions on the line, for exampleNS owes its industry-leading scheduling to big data analytics, thanks to thousands of sensors on its locomotives. As reported in TNW, NS has been leveraging the power of predictive maintenance since 4G became available in the Netherlands, allowing data to be processed at much higher speeds. Not only is this data based on the health of the vehicles themselves, but it’s also combined with check-in data and status measurement points on tracks. In total, 140 data sources converge to provide an instant snapshot of the state of operation across the company’s entire network.