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How Enigma Is Using Big Data to Fight Human Trafficking

June 10, 2019 / PYMNTS

The digital age is nothing if not an ongoing revolution in communication which, of course, powers innovation in payments, commerce and business operations.Virtual mountains of data are accumulated and analyzed via web-enabled and mobile devices, with the speed of that process getting faster and faster (and faster still with new 5G mobile network technologydeployments). Results are communicated instantly, removing friction from all types of transactions and making the completion of vital tasks more efficient. Sure, people might not actually talk on the phone too much these days, but that doesn’t mean they are easing up on their overall communication.Excuse the verbosity, but there is a point: Digital technology and big data are transforming one of the most ancient forms of communication, writing  and in a way that could impact pretty much every business within a decade or so. At least that’s the view expressed in a new PYMNTS interview with Jensen Harris, CTO and co-fou...