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How to Build a Machine Learning Team When You Are Not Google or Facebook

November 28, 2018 / Lukas Biewald

Lately, friends at companies of all sizes and industries have been asking me the same question, “How do I apply machine learning to my business?” These folks know enough to have a sense of good use cases for machine learning. Where everyone gets stuck is actually making it work, hiring people, and making them successful. I’ll outline my three main approaches depending on the size of your business. Small Teams. These are my recommendations for early stage companies or non-profits with a use case for machine learning. It might feel impossible for a small, unfunded or underfunded company to get machine learning expertise in-house. The good news is, a lot of ML practitioners are excited by this kind of work. Look for someone that cares about the mission of the company. At this size, you are going to rely on your ML practitioner to implement everything end-to-end from data collection and cleanup to deployment. The actual machine learning-specific part of the task is almost...