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How Yellowfin Brings Real-Time Insight to Business Analytics

November 30, 2018 / Frank Ohlhorst

Businesses are facing a huge challenge when it comes to deriving actionable insights from their business intelligence platforms. That challenge is exacerbated by numerous issues, such as noisy data, questionable relevance and scattered data sources. What’s more, most BI platforms on the market only offer a static look at the data and lack the ability to integrate real-time changes. Melbourne-based Yellowfin has made great strides in removing the noise from contemporary business intelligence operations with its two latest offerings, Yellowfin Signals and Yellowfin Stories. The 15-year-old company has recognized the many shortcomings of traditional BI dashboards and reporting systems and has worked to solve the problems associated with identifying and normalizing data feeds to remove the noise. It does this while also incorporating algorithms to ensure the relevance of data feeds, while removing human biases from the analytics process.