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IBM develops data-enabled system for monitoring power outages

February 07, 2019 / Caitlin Stanway-Williams

IBM has developed a technology which predicts and monitors when and where adverse weather conditions cause trees and vegetation to potentially threaten power supplies. The technology will attempt to prevent power outages and improve power supply operations. "The Weather Company Vegetation Management – Predict" utilizes data that has been collected by satellites, drones, aerial flights, sensors and weather models to monitor transmission and distribution lines spanning hundreds of miles. This allows companies to keep an eye on the state of the lines and know whether maintenance is required. The system is also trained to help with grid reliability, wildfire prevention, storm management and assessment. For utility operators and customers, power outages can be an incredibly costly inconvenience and repairing damaged lines can be an expensive and dangerous undertaking. "Every business is affected by weather. But for energy companies and their customers, it can mean the d...