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Integrated Data Infrastructure Lab for data analytics on NZs society and economy

August 13, 2019 / Teresa Umali

The IDI is a large research database that holds microdata about people and households, including education, income, benefits, migration, justice, and health.The data is gathered from government agencies, Statistics New Zealand surveys, and non-government organisations. They are then linked together or integrated in order to form the IDI.The data is completely anonymous. Information such as names, dates of birth, and addresses have been removed while numbers such as Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and National Health Index (NHI) are encrypted.Massey researchers and students can use the IDI to gain greater and more in-depth insight into all aspects of the society and economy.
The laboratory is an integral component of the Universitys Master of Analytics programme. Students are given training in the use of the IDI and are encouraged to use for their capstone projects.
Representatives of the three colleges manage the operation of the laboratory and work together with Statisti...