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Javascript and Python top GitHub charts as non-US developers predominate

November 07, 2019 / Daniel Robinson

Machine learning and data science projects and increasingly active developer communities outside the US were some of the big drivers behind GitHub’s growth over the last year.
The repo platform’s latest State of the Octoverse report puts the number of developers using the platform at more than 40 million, ten million of whom joined in the last year alone.  It claims that the number of users creating their first repository was up by 44 percent in 2019 compared with the previous year.The statistics also highlight the global distribution of GitHub users, with almost 80 percent of developers accessing the site now based outside the United States, and some contributions even being uploaded from Antarctica. Outside of the US, open source use (as measured by clones and forks) was strongest in China, with India, Germany and the UK some way behind. Developers in China are said to have forked and cloned 48 percent more projects this year than last year.