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JV with Datavard and Pyramid Analytics Bridge Gap Between SAP and Modern Cloud Platforms

July 28, 2020 / Valdosta Daily Times

Datavard, a recognized global leader in SAP data transformation solutions and services in Heidelberg, Germany, announces a partnership with Pyramid Analytics, an analytics and business intelligence software company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The two companies join forces to help their customers bridge the gap between SAP and modern cloud platforms, enabling advanced data analytics, forecasting, AI, and machine learning scenarios. With Pyramid Analytics and Datavard, organizations can fundamentally consolidate and modernize their analytics and data capabilities on a single platform.

Under the partnership, Pyramid Analytics gains the rights to re-sell Datavard’s flagship product—Datavard Glue®. Pyramid is an enterprise BI platform that supports the full analytics workflow, from data modeling to dashboards and reports. It provides deep support for organizations with SAP-based data infrastructures. Pyramid lets companies directly query their SAP...