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Less Than 50% of Healthcare CIOs Have Strong Trust in their Data

November 14, 2018 / Jessica Kent

Healthcare CIOs reported a lack of strong trust in their data and low levels of self-service for making data-driven decisions, research from Dimensional Insight revealed. The organization surveyed 85 healthcare CIOs about the level of trust their organizations have in their financial, clinical, and operational data. When asked to rate data trust on a ten-point scale, just 40 percent of respondents assessed clinical data as an eight or higher, and just 36 percent rated their trust in operational data the same. Forty-eight percent assessed their financial data as eight or higher. The survey also asked respondents to evaluate their user population’s level of self-service data analytics. The results showed that healthcare organizations have low levels of self-service, particularly in clinical settings. More than half of respondents said that 30 percent or less of their clinical user population is self-serviced in data-driven decision making.