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Many Virtual Care Solutions Not Integrated with EHRs

February 05, 2019 / Fred Donovan

Many virtual care solution do not integrate with electronic health records (EHR), according to a survey of healthcare organizations by virtual care software provider Zipnosis. In fact, close to half of respondents admitted that their virtual care software did not integrate with their EHRs. Only 21.4 percent saw that as a challenge to their on-demand virtual care program. This contrasted with respondents without on-demand virtual care, 53.8 percent of whom saw integrating with existing technology solutions as a challenge. Two-thirds of respondents use EPIC for their EHR, with 10 percent using Cerner, and the remainder divided amnog smaller vendors, internally developed systems, and not using any EHR software. A full 96.4 percent of health systems are planning to expand their virtual care services in the next year. Among those with expansion plans, the most common expansion options were adding modes of care and expanding use cases and specialties for patient-initiated visits. “We b...