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MapR Selected by KODAKOne as Underlying Data Platform for Blockchain-based Image Marketplace

December 05, 2018 / Business Wire

MapR® Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry's next generation data platform for AI and Analytics, today announced that KODAKOne, the blockchain-based image rights management platform, will utilize the MapR Data Platform for a range of data services and digital asset storage. A beta version of the KODAKOne product is due to launch in late 2018. The KODAKOne Platform is an image protection, monetization and distribution platform secured in blockchain. It will provide an image marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade photos based on licensing terms and conditions – serving as a one-stop shop for photographers’ management, protection and distribution needs. The platform will create an encrypted ledger of rights ownership for photographers to protect, manage and monetize their new and archived works – making it significantly cheaper and faster to register, move and sell their digital images.