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Microsoft and Informatica make coordinated data warehouse migration move

August 06, 2019 / zdnet.com

Typically, the best way to help companies address migration costs and risks, and win new customers, is with a combination of tools and professional services. And in the cloud data warehouse race, Microsoft is teaming up with Informatica to provide just that. Their goal? Move the likes of Teradata, IBM Netezza and MicroFocus Vertica on-premises data warehouse (DW) appliance customers over to Azure SQL Data Warehouse in the cloud. Before the advent of the cloud data warehouse, on-premises data warehouse (DW) appliances were where it was at. The aforementioned products were industry standards while Microsoft tried, without great success, to catch up with its SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW now Analytics Platform System). The landscape started its drastic change when Amazon Web Services debuted its Redshift service and independent startup Snowflake followed suit with its eponymous cloud DW product. Soon Google Cloudresponded by positioning its BigQuery service as a DW and Microsoft...