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New cloud integrations help streamline big data use

November 07, 2019 / Ian Barker

As users and enterprises demand more added capacity, particularly for their data-driven workloads, they are increasingly moving towards all cloud or hybrid cloud environments.This needs cloud data orchestration to accelerate and synchronize data across different environments, and as a result users are turning to cloud data analytic services like Amazon's EMR and Google Cloud's Dataproc that reduce hardware spend, eliminate the need to overbuy capacity, and provide business agility.Open source cloud data orchestration company Alluxio has announced that its platform can now be seamlessly integrated with both of these leading cloud analytical services to speed up analytical jobs on a range of computational frameworks like Apache Spark, Presto, Hive, TensorFlow and others.The rise of compute intensive workloads and the adoption of the cloud has driven organizations to adopt a decoupled architecture for modern workloads -- one in which compute scales independently from storage. Anal...