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Novartis, Oxford’s Big Data Institute Team to Better Understand, Treat Complex Diseases

January 23, 2019 / JONATHAN GRINSTEIN

Novartis and the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute (BDI) have established an alliance to advance the use of medical data for spotting disease patterns and assessing patients’ responses to treatment. The initiative seeks to enable more informed clinical decision-making and improve the development of treatments for complex diseases. Focused on the study of inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and psoriasis, the alliance hopes to advance how ultra-large and multiple datasets are analyzed, combined, and interpreted. For this purpose, the five-year collaboration will use BDI’s artificial intelligence machine learning and expertise in advanced analytics, combined with Novartis’ clinical expertise and clinical trial data. The goal is to identify patterns in complex diseases, often across multiple data sources and types (i.e., imaging, genomics, and clinical data), which cannot be detected by humans alone. The team also will try to better understand...