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RavenDB Adds Pull Replication and Distributed Online Counters to Its Open Source NoSQL Document Database Offering

May 15, 2019 / RavenDB

leading provider of database infrastructure solutions, today announced that the company has released a new version of its open source NoSQL document database product. In this new release, RavenDB 4.2, the company has added pull replication and distributed counters along with cluster wide transactions and graph queries.RavenDB's new pull replication capabilities improve the existing practices of external data replication, which require data replication definitions at both the central and remote nodes for edge nodes to pull data from a central database. With the new pull replication feature, RavenDB allows new edge nodes to be defined without any impact on or new configurations at the central cluster. The benefit of this approach is that a new edge node initiates the connection with the central database, so that any new edge node can be deployed behind the NAT without any concerns for tunneling issues.  RavenDB 4.2 also includes a new distributed counters feature that improves I...