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Rush Joins Select Few Hospitals with Stage 7 Analytics Maturity

January 11, 2019 / Jennifer Bresnick

Rush University Medical Center is the third health system in the nation to reach the top level of analytics maturity according to the relatively new HIMSS Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM). Joining Duke Health and UNC Health Care at the “pinnacle of applying analytics to support patient-specific prescriptive care” is a major achievement, says HIMSS. “Rush University Medical Center has dynamic analytics leadership. From the COO's office live dashboard to front line care in the Road Home Program for vets, Rush showed how to deliver passionate, data-driven care,” said James E. Gaston, Senior Director, Healthcare Advisory Services Group, HIMSS Analytics. Predictive analytics and real-time data access are at the core of Rush’s success on the eight-step pathway to becoming a completely data-driven organization. Rush is able to stream real-time data from multiple sources, integrate and analyze the data, and present results to relevant stakeholders ...