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ShipSure 2.0: Big Data, Bigger Benefits

August 27, 2018 / Stephen Macfarlane

Ship owners can derive imperative business and operational insights from integrated, real-time data which is readily accessible via a single platform, especially if it can be taken away with you, writes V.Group CIO Stephen Macfarlane. For the maritime industry, these are exciting and momentous times, with digitalization as an emphatic and decisive pivot point in operational, business and environmental sustainability. The potential is now incontestable for businesses along the entire length of the supply chain to effect the requisite changes and witness substantial digital advantages – or, conversely, to run on the spot and be rendered uncompetitive and irrelevant by degrees, eventually and inevitably being left for dead. To put the industry’s future prospects in the most bluntly realistic terms, maritime companies across the board are effectively poised to stand or fall depending upon how prepared they are to engage with the ongoing digital transformation which is already r...