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Six pillars for gaining more business value from data

April 02, 2020 / NA

Data should be a continuous source to create business value. In order to maximise this value, it is key to actually manage data, say Pim Roessink and Kaj Gruppelaar from consulting firm Novius. When done well, this then results in better services and products, more efficient processes, improved decision-making and ultimately more business agility.Appropriate management entails continuous alignment of business value creation, enhanced usage of data analytics, data management and creation of enabling capabilities. At Novius, we believe it is key to work on all these aspects simultaneously. This way, investments in data execution and data analytics & management capabilities are balanced with tangible business benefits.The realisation of real benefits fuels the motivation to continue investing in data activities. Less energy is needed to convince people of the ‘need for change’, because they first-hand experience the advantages in their daily work. Explicit translation of s...