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Small data weighs in against big data in on-the-job AI

October 04, 2019 / R. DANES

Designing artificial intelligence is an exercise in cyclical maximizing and minimizing. We need supersized data sets to train algorithms, but those algorithms must zoom in on answers to very specific questions. Single domains contain high-quality, pertinent data for business use cases, but much training and iterating is needed to produce a reliable AI product.Balancing big data with small problems led to the creation of Guru Technologies Inc. Co-founder and chief executive officer of Guru Technologies Inc., Rick Nucci (pictured), founded Boomi Inc., a unified cloud-native platform for range of end-to-end integration of digital ecosystems, which recently achieved FedRAMP Authorization. In his role at Guru, Nucci focuses on joining data and then dividing it into individualized knowledge pools for professional users.The recipe for good AI products that really do solve problems is that they’re very intentionally narrow and they’re very deep, because they’re gathering good...