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Teradata Partners with Volkswagen for Industrial Cloud, to Extend Support with Cloud-based Data Analytics

July 24, 2020 / Business Wire

Teradata, the cloud data and analytics company, today announced that it will be a partner of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud.

The Industrial Cloud - which is being developed by Volkswagen together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) - is an open IoT platform combining the data of all machines, plants and systems from all facilities of the Volkswagen Group. Teradata will support Volkswagen by providing cloud-based data analytics to optimize production processes and drive productivity increases in the plants.

"We are delighted to partner with Volkswagen as part of this open industry platform, joining other leading companies in shaping the future of digital production," says Sascha Puljic, Vice President, Central Europe at Teradata. “Our cloud-based data and analytics solution provides comprehensive data intelligence and supports Volkswagen in fully leveraging the value of data in production to increase efficiency and quality."